About Yvette Rossouw My Story

From feeling stuck to helping others create their best future

After years in the corporate world, my life was just feeling empty. For no reason whatsoever. I had it all. A great job, a loving husband, two little girls, a beautiful home and all the rest.

But something felt missing. Like I was meant to be doing something more meaningful. Then I came across this book. It was called “The Future is Yours” by Anne Jirsch. It was all about Future Life Progression. It just sounded too good to be true.

Here she was claiming that anybody can see into their own future and that you can actually change it. My mind was saying it’s impossible. But every cell in my body was saying: “Listen, listen, listen!”

So when Anne offered training, I decided to go and see for myself. I completed my practitioner training in London and fell completely in love with the process. It was so simple. But so powerful.

These days I’m running my own business. I am passionate about helping people get unstuck and create their best future. Just like I am creating mine. And even though it feels like I have just started this journey, I am loving every moment of it.

(Oh, I also completed my Trainer Training and Advanced Practitioner Training in Future Life Progression and Past Life Regression. I am a member of the Past and Future Life Society. And hold various business degrees, including an Honours Degree in Business Management. But it’s nothing compared to the difference I get to make every day.)