Inner Academy

Why have a personal session

The answer is simple. It will probably change your life. Ask anybody who has experienced it. There is a magic about working one-to-one. We cut right to the chase. Focusing exactly on what you really want to know, like relationships instead of business. We can also go into much more detail, because each question can build on the answer of the previous one. So you get very specific answers in a short time.

How much it costs

Design Your Destiny – R579

Do you want to know what is most likely to happen in the next few years in your life? Around your career, love, money or home? Experience your own future for yourself. Learn how to avoid wasting time, money and energy on the wrong things but fast-track the good things in your life.

Make Smart Choices – R579

Struggling with tough choices? Move forward in time and see the outcome of your most likely choice, explore an alternative and connect with your best possible choice. So you can make the best decisions now – without regrets later.

Create Your Ideal Future – R579

Do you have a feeling that there may be more to life? That just seeing your future is not enough? That you would actually like to connect with your best possible future? Then this is perfect for you. We will compare your most likely future with the best possible version of your future.  So you will learn how to step up and make the most of your opportunities to create a life beyond your best dreams.

Explore Your Past Lives – R579

Ever wondered who you were in previous lifetimes? Why you are feeling a connection to specific places or people? Learn more about your past lives, your lessons and even pick up skills and talents you may need in this lifetime.

Clear Your Blocks – R579

Do you keep repeating the same patterns? Or struggling in one specific area of your life? There may be a block that is holding your back. Clear your blocks once and for all in one of the most comprehensive clearings that will remove blocks from your past lives, ancestors or childhood. You will identify the root cause of the block, rewrite it, clear energy cords and move into the future to see the difference it will make. A very powerful double session.  

Fast-track Your Business  – R1 970

Discover how to take your business to the next level. We use a variety of tools to discover what is best for your business by looking into the future, comparing choices, learning trends or much more. So you can have a bigger impact, more financial freedom and make a bigger difference.

VIP Day – R9 700

Can’t wait? Do you want it all at once? Spend an entire day working with me personally through a variety of processes to create your best future. This is for you if you want to make a big difference in both your personal and professional life in the shortest possible time.

And more

There are various other sessions available – from finding your Akashic diet or connecting with the healthiest you to attracting your ideal partner. Plus workshops, training and much more.

How long it takes

A standard personal session is up to an hour long.

Where it happens

You can enjoy a personal consultation anywhere in the world over Skype. Within South Africa I also do telephone consultations (I will call you – even on a cellphone) or in person at my office in Plattekloof Glen near Cape Town.

What if you’re not satisfied

I cannot guarantee your specific results, as you control the outcome. However, if you feel that I haven’t done my best to help you relax and guide you towards the answers you were looking for, I will gladly refund your money 100%. No questions asked.

How to book your appointment

Simply email and I’ll send you complete details.

“Yvette, huge thanks again for sharing your brilliant and life-changing Future Life Progression skills with me. Actually, I can’t thank you enough – a lifelong memorable turning point.” – Maria, Corporate Communications Director